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5 reasons to join your Trust library.
There are many benefits to be gained from joining your local Trust healthcare library.

1) You ask the question, we provide the answer
Membership of your local Trust library puts you in the capable hands of your Trust's most valuable information asset: its Library Team.
If you have a search that needs performing, a question that needs answering or require a resource that fits your needs, your local Trust library team will be there to provide a dependable and professional service.

2) Information skills training
By joining your local Trust library you can benefit from a wide-range of high-quality information skills training programmes, whether in the library or at your workplace. These can include training in finding reliable health resources, learning how to exploit and evaluate them.

3) Access to a vast collection of healthcare books and journals
Your local Trust Library is your single access point to the thousands of healthcare books and journals managed by Kent, Surrey and Sussex NHS Library services. What's more if you can't find it here, your library is plugged into a multitude of networks that support inter-library lending.

4) Free access to local, regional and national e-resources
Want a full-text article and need it yesterday? Need to run a search on a particular condition using the best available evidence? Joining your local Trust library provides you with the opportunity to apply for an NHS Athens access account. Your Athens account username and password gives you access to local, regional and national e-resources including: Medline, CINAHL, EMBASE and several other key databases; some full-text journal articles and e-books.

5) Internet and PC access
By visiting your local Trust library, you can make use of PCs that allow access to the Internet/WWW, Microsoft Office software and other PC-based applications.