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Learning to Fly
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Learning to Fly - the book @
Chris Collison click here to view
Geoff Parcell click here to view

DHID Knowledge Management Links
Knowledge Management Framework Postcards click here to view
DHID Knowledge Management Framework Toolkit click here to view
DHID Knowledge Harvesting Guide click here to view
eSpace Knowledge Management Community click here to view

KSS Libraries Knowledge Management Links
Introduction to Knowledge Management  
4 Types of Knowledge
  Spectrum of Knowledge
  Introductory video on KM by Terry Coode, Chief Knowledge Officer
Taking Stock  
KM Self-Assessment Tool
  KM Self-Assessment Leaders Guide
  Rivers and Stairs Leaders Guide
After Action Reviews  
After Action Reviews Case Studies
  After Action Review Form
Knowledge Retention and Transfer  
Knowledge Retention Transfer  Brief Description
  Knowledge Retention Transfer Step by Step Handout
Communities of Practice  
Communities of Practice Handout
Web 2.0 Document
Data & Information  
Exercise Handout
  Quality Observatory Handout
  Library & Knowledge Services Handout
Where do I go from here?  
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